Topic: Operating A Company During COVID-19


The companies listed below are to give you an idea that different companies can be facing very different challenges at this time.

You can choose to formulate your discussion around the uniqueness of different industries and recognized the challenges, or focus on some particular companies and offer more in-depth analysis.

A few weeks ago, none of us have imagined the situation we are in today. We have witnessed the biggest challenge in global economy in decades or more. This also gives us a unique opportunity to be strong, united, and creative.

The sole purpose of this exercise is for all of us to be aware, accept and face the challenges in front of us. As a member of the business community, everyone is part of this challenge. Here, take a moment and imagine if you are the CEO of the following companies, what is your (and your executive team, aka your group) response to coronavirus crisis?

Please list your biggest concerns, challenges, and proposed solutions etc. Your response should be 1000-1500 words.

Delta Airlines
Local restaurant

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