Topic: Patterns of Growth psychology Research summary

Instructions for the Annotated Bibliography

To fulfill the requirements for this assignment students will craft an annotated bibliography on a topic related to any topic(s) of choice in the PSY 210 textbook. A minimum of 3 scholarly resources are required for this assignment. The sources must be derived from empirical, peer reviewed research articles. At least two of the articles must be quantitative research studies. The research should be conducted by the authors of the article only. Research articles include participants, methodology, and results from the study, so please be sure the articles you choose contain these components. Please avoid meta-analysis research and mixed methods research.

12 Font, Times New Roman, APA format must be used. Single space is fine to use for this assignment. A cover page is not necessary.

The assignment MUST be submitted in a PDF or Word document in order to be graded. Submissions in any other format will receive a grade of zero.

Annotated Bibliography Step-by-Step

  • An AB is a summary of the research article(s)
  • Be sure to first include APA citation
  • Mention the title of the text, the author’s first and last name, and the author’s thesis/hypothesis.
  • State the research’s main ideas and key points. This should be done briefly and accurately and in your own words. This is your summary and should be built on your words. If you borrow a word, phrase, or sentence from the text, be sure to include an in-text citation in APA format.
  • Do not include your opinion in the summary. The sole purpose is to summarize the article.
  • In the summary you should include a description of the sample/participants, the methodology, and the results of the study.

Articles to avoid:

-medical observations

-research written by someone other than the primary research. The selected articles should not be a summary of another person’s work or a meta-analysis. A meta-analysis is a summation of several similar but separate studies.


This assignment must be submitted in Blackboard and will automatically be subjected to a safeassign review. You will submit the assignment by uploading your annotated bibliography in a PDF or Word document (as stated in your course syllabus) through the designated drop box. Papers submitted in any other format other than PDF or Word will receive a grade of zero.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research summary
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