Topic: Pay schedule test and instructions

  1. Copy and paste the link to log in. Make sure the proxy is disable.
    2.) Once you log in, Under MY GSUSA dropdown, click ONLINE COURSE registration.
    3.) Click Pay Setting for GS Positions
    4.) Under My Brightspace dropdown, click Class Progress. Click Quizzes.
  • Please read the instructions very carefully under Summary – Test 1
    Your reference is the PAY Schedule (test) You may wish to print the Pay Schedules so that you can look at them and the test questions at the same time.
    This is a multiple choice Test:
    Please take TEST 1 first. Please save and submit all your answers after you finish since this test has a time limit. Once you started you can not pause because the timer will continue. So please use your time wisely. After you are successfully pass TEST 1 proceed to TEST 2 when you are ready to take the test or at your convenient time.
    They the same instructions.
    After you finish and pass all the test I need all the copy and answer keys. Thanks and good luck.

Pages 20 Double spaced(5500 words)
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Study level: Master
Assignment type Online Test
Subject: Business and Economics
Language: US

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