Topic Personal Behavior Modification

Personal Behavior Modification

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For this assignment the student will take on the task of using behaviorism to assess and change a personal behavior utilizing the tenants of either classical conditioning, operant conditioning or both.
Create a 10-15-slide PowerPoint presentation that provides an overview of the behavioral change.
Use the following guidelines to complete your presentation:
Include a title, introduction, discussion, and reference slide (four slides minimum).
Provide an overview of the definition of behavior and create an operational definition for the behavior the student wishes to change (consider using the “Dead Man Test” to help define the behavior).
Explain the desire for change, why is it important to incorporate this specific behavioral change.
Track the behavior for three or more days documenting; how often the behavior occurs as well as the antecedents for the behavior and the consequences.
Explain the behavioral intervention, how will the student increase a desired behavior or decrease a maladaptive one?
Track the results of the behavioral change with the intervention in place, how often does the behavior occur each day, how often did the reward or punishment occur?
Use a graph to compare the observation period from the experimental period.
Document the results of the experiment; did change occur, what was the cause?
Behaviors may include, but are not limited to: tardiness, smoking, drinking, gambling, compulsive eating, social media addiction, interrupting, nail biting, swearing, eating fast food, compulsive shopping, speaking with your mouth full, biting pens, or biting nails. You could also choose to start a new habit: taking vitamins, applying sunscreen before going outside, putting money in savings, exercise, etc.

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