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Topic: personal professional development


Intended learning outcomes being assessed:

Explain clearly and concisely a range of graduate and professional skills required within the first year of your nursing programme
Demonstrate the academic and professional expectations of students within the first year of their nursing programme
Reflect on your own learning and access to a range of learning opportunities and resources relevant to your on-going learning needs
Demonstrate academic progress and active engagement in a range of learning opportunities offered within your chosen nursing programme


During your year one independent study time you will be expected to develop and refine a number of study (metacognitive) skills to help you succeed and make the most of the wide range of learning opportunities and resources available to you on the nursing programme. Metacognitive skills can be broadly conceptualised as having knowledge, skills and awareness of how to learn effectively and applying this to oneself in order to become an increasingly effective, confident and independent learner. During the PPD seminar series and directed independent learning tasks you will be introduced to a number of metacognitive learning skills to help you develop personally and professionally. You will then have the opportunity to develop these skills further in your own independent study time.

Please review the paper by Baker et al (2016) related to study time within nursing programmes and answer the questions on p24 of the unit handbook
Barker, C. King, N. Snowden, M. and Ousey, K. 2016. Study time within pre-registration nurse education: A critical review of the literature. Nurse Education Today. 41: 17-23.

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