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Persuade me to give you a good grade in this class(Psychology- Forms of social influence)… Be creative–you may advertise and B.S., use photos or drawings, flashy lettering, videos or whatever.

You are basically making an advertisement for yourself and I am the audience. I will not be grading your artistic ability, just your creative effort and application of what you’ve learned.

*Use your knowledge of central and peripheral route persuasion tactics, likeability, mere exposure, similarity, reciprocity, vividness, humor, etc. (Please do not use threats).

write a summary of the tactics that you tried to use to persuade your audience (this is the important part). For example, you might say that you used mostly the peripheral route approach by using humor and similarity, but you also used some legitimate arguments on why it would be cool to give you a good grade.

*keep in mind your audience. What do you know about me? What tactics would you try to use to persuade a mother? A faculty member? a chicken person? Try what you think will work.

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