use the book Leddy & Pepper’s Professional Nursing 9th Edition. by Lucy Hood. It is partially available on Amazon.

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Complete Assignment: Write a paper that addressed the following prompts:
• Introduce your nursing career choice, current practice, and vision of your future as a nurse.
• Describe your general beliefs and values related to humankind and society—values that give direction to your journey in life.
• Describe your values and beliefs that relate to nursing profession. Include perspectives on nursing, health and illness, recipients of care, and any other concepts you feel define your practice as a nurse.
• Describe how your personal beliefs and values relate to your professional practice of nursing.

Format: This will be your first assignment that requires a minimal standard of APA 7 format and style. The paper can be written in the first person, as you are expressing your own ideas and values. The body of the paper should not exceed three pages, double-spaced. Refer to the
website for guidance and Student Sample Paper for guidance. You must demonstrate the following minimal standards of APA format to receive credit on this assignment:
• The paper should include three sections: Title page, Body of the paper, and References sections. Divide each section by “Insert” > “Page Break”.
• Body of the paper not to exceed three pages.
• Title page to include Title, Author, Affiliation
• Page numbers (at top right of each page).
• Margins: 1” all around
• Double-spaced throughout paper; Times New Roman, 12-point font
• References page
o At least two sources should be cited (Author, year) in the paper, and listed in the Reference section.

• Introduce your nursing career choice( Mental Health Nurse practitioner is my career choice), current practice( Cardiac Progressive Registered Nurse current practice), and vision of your future as a nurse. (My vision will be able to open up my own practice so I can be able to treat the mental health needs of patients in a warm welcoming cozy environment)

Subject Nursing
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Academic Level Bachelor
Type of Work Writing from scratch
Type of Paper Other
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Paper Format APA

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