Topic: Philosophy: Reflections on the Essence of Education WEEK 6


Be sure to review the “Reading Post Criteria” document, especially the word/minute parameters.

Respond to the following in a ~275-word response

Question: Considering DeSisto’s book review. the NPR All Things Considered (Links to an external site.) segment, and the Rocha (2013) text, what is your position on whether schooling and education are for professional training or for developing the humanistic sensitivities of students?

Consider the following prompt to guide your response:

1.How are you balancing this in your actual schedule of courses? Does your major, electives/minor, or extracurricular activities reflect one clear side in this debate?
2. What are your thoughts on how Rocha would respond to this question?

Your response must include citations (quotes or paraphrases) from Rocha (2013) AND our two controversy articles (Gross and Marcus, 2018 and DeSisto, 2011). Feel free to include insights from the other materials or your classmates as well. Your goal is to reflect on what you read and demonstrate that you thought deeply about the controversy and primary texts as well as our class discussions.

Remember to include the proper APA citations.

Addition article links for information below

Read – Rocha (Entire Text) A Primer for Philosophy

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