Topic: physics coursework assignment

Create a single word document which includes the following:

  1. One of the big issues with space flight is cost.  There are two mitigating factors when considering the cost of space flight, one is the scientific knowledge that is gained and the other is the technological offshoots of space flight.  Do an online search and discuss one technological offshoot of the space program.
  2. Sending humans into space is far more expensive than using robots.  For instance we could send dozens of “rovers” to Mars for the cost of sending a “manned” flight there.  Write at least 250 words on the policy implications of these kinds of choices.

  Answer the below questions for both satellite missions.

Aqua Earth-observing satellite mission

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft mission

  1. When was it launched?
  2. What are the details of the orbit (height, orbital period, type of orbit etc.)?  This part of the question is quite important and many people leave it out.  The kind of orbit says a lot about what the satellite can do.
  3. What kind of detectors does it have?  Make sure you write a few sentences about what the detectors do, don’t just give a list.
  4. What is the main scientific purpose of the mission?
  5. What are the main results? (For active missions these may be preliminary.)
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