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1.) A Personal Independent Payment (PIP) Assessment was completed by a Health Care Practitioner at the claimant’s home address, the HCP refused to continue to give the claimant her PIP. claiming she is not entitled to it.

2.) The claimant has multiple health conditions as attached for your consideration to confirm that the claimants health condition has worsen a letter from her GP, support worker, Physiotherapy and other hospital professionals can confirm that the claimant has many health problems.

3.) A mandatory reconsideration appeal was made to explain in detail why the claimant should continue to have her PIP award and stopping her PIP despite medical evidence is unlawful and unjust for the claimant.

4.) The outcome of the appeal was that they standby there decision & stop the claimants PIP award. The claimant then submitted an appeal at the First Tier Tribunal to review the evidence and the claimant to appear before the courts to explain that she is entitled to PIP, just like she was awarded PIP 3 years ago but the claimants health condition has worsened as can see from the evidence attached.

5.) I need a skeleton argument to look at laws and case law that despite the claimant having mobility problems and meeting both criteria mobility and daily living allowance the court should allow the appeal in the claimants favour and not the DWP. The HCP did not assess the claimant properly. Stopping her PIP is unjust despite the claimant qualifying for it.

6) I need a defence skeleton argument researching into all the appropriate laws, case law , Human Rights Act 1998 to fight this case in the claimants favour that she qualifies for PIP and the HCP made a wrong decision.

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