Topic: plan an engaging music experience paper


PLAN (approx. 800 words equivalent)
Using the template provided (Music Portfolio Template winter 2020.docx), plan an engaging music experience for a small group of 3-5-year old children or an individual focus child (case study of focus child for music assessment winter 2020.docx), focusing on performance, composition and/or listening. You may choose to develop one of the experiences undertaken in the music workshops, something you observed on placement, or you can develop your own idea, based on the particular learning needs of your focus child/ren (case study of focus child for music assessment winter 2020.docx).

This task can be written in first person.

Write an accompanying justification of the planning choices you have made with reference to key readings. Evaluate the teaching strategies you have selected in your plan. Include a justification of your stated objectives.
You may include any of the following in your reflection:

Describe and evaluate the strategies employed by the adults to engage young children in music and comment on their effectiveness in engaging the children. What did you notice? Have you incorporated aspects of what you have previously observed in your planning? For example, you may decide that what you observed previously is not included in your planning because you feel it is not relevant because it was with a different age group or you might feel that it was not effective. Alternatively, you may find that there are aspects of what you observed previously that you have incorporated and/or adapted in your planning.

Your justification and critical reflection should make reference of up to 6 readings (minimum of 4). These can be readings drawn from this subject or other readings you have encountered in the MTeach.

Images of related resources (eg. picture books, student artworks) can also be attached to this assignment.


Your Music Arts Portfolio will be assessed using the following criteria:

Articulates insights and learning into arts practice, processes, and environment design (25%)
Describes and reflects critically on effective strategies to engage and guide young children with the arts (15%)
Demonstrates an ability to plan and organise engaging arts experiences (20%)
Demonstrates a capacity to analyse and critically engage with arts education theory relevant to young children (25%)
Identifies materials and resources appropriate for early years arts-based learning and teaching (15%)
PS: All the key readings are in the file Music Reading list and the age group is 4-6 years old children.

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