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The poets of the Harlem Renaissance were all moving toward a common destination (metaphorically speaking). For this assignment

Read the poems by Countee Cullen, Langston Hughes, and Claude McKay

Countee Cullen Poems :”Yet Do I Marvel”, “saturday’s Child”

Langston Hughes poems: “Harlem” , ” The Weary Blues” , “the Negro speaks river” “I,too”

Claude McKay poems: ” Harlem Shadows” , “if we must die” , “america” and “the white house”

Choose two poems (from two different poets) that have some common ground
Compare the two to each other as though they were in direct conversation
Submit an analysis of these two poems . You can take any angle you like with this as long as you defend your ideas with specifics from the texts (or outside research, please cite). Here are a few ideas to mull over:

How do the poets take different approaches to similar topics?
Do the poets agree? Disagree? Why do you think that’s so?
What is each poet’s tone? How does each poet feel about and communicate the idea?
What does each poet’s use of imagery/symbolism/point of view/narration/etc. do to differentiate the poem?
Again, you can choose any angle on this that works for you. Omit the introduction. I am primarily interested in seeing the meat of your analysis. If you want to write a (short!) conclusion, please feel free.

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