Topic: Policy Review: Select a cultural policy document of your own choice and critically discuss its contribution to cultural policy theory and practice, making recommendations for how you would implement it or amend it.


Look in to the UNESCO – CULTURAL INTANGIBLE POLICY on the aspect of Participation; how it has been presented, if indeed the stakeholders interests to benefit from it have been considered, if valid and then also consider directives from attachments and the following in structuring the report

– set out the context within which the report was written drawing on wider readings to demonstrate your subject knowledge;

– discuss the main points, arguments, and issues raised by the document you have chosen to review in relation to academic theory and make recommendations for development to demonstrate your analysis of your sources;

– draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the document as a policy tool to demonstrate your written communication skills to present your ideas

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Coursework
Pages / words-10 / 2500
Number of sources-12
Academic level-GCSE / A Level
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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