Topic: Population health from mass-media news sources

  1. Read Three news articles examining a specific population health related topic from credible mass-media news sources or credible population health blogs (such as the Associated Press, Los Angeles/New York Times, CNN,,, etc.). The articles you choose must relate to a topic or concept related to our course.
  2. Write your 2-page paper, including the following sections:
    A. Short Introduction (Identify the population health topic, which includes the main points of the articles – What is the population health topic discussed and what are the main findings of the policy or research discussed and the implications for healthcare administrators?
    B. Summary of the main points of the readings (e.g., research used in the article, major findings of research discussed, implications for society) (2-3 paragraphs.)
    C. Description of how/why the topic/articles are related to this course (e.g., topic, concept, population) (1 paragraph)
    D. Reference page [APA format]

Pages: 2 Double spaced(550 words)
Style and sources: APA7, 3 sources
Free extras: Outline/Title page/Bibliography / Reference page
Study level: Bachelor
Assignment type: Essay
Subject: Health and Medicine
Language: US

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