Topic: Port Expansion and the Panama Canal


Reply to the following 2 statements:
1) Chicago is very clearly landlocked to any ocean. That means there is no direct international trade except through freight planes. One thing Chicago has developed very well is an amazing train system.

Chicago’s rail system is under constant expansion to include new routes to new places. This takes the city’s many produced goods to places all over the countries that have ports to transport our goods internationally.

It’s hard to find a way that Chicago has expanded into international trade because the network has been building up for so long it has been a large network for a while now. One thing they have not announced but I’m sure is happening right now is passenger planes being used for international trade due to their inactivity.

Being from Georgia, I looked into the Port of Savannah and the renovations that are currently happening. The Savannah Port is the largest single container terminal in North America and located 20 miles upstream away from the coast.

It boasts the highest refrigerated container capacity of any port on the east coast and handles up to 40% of the entire packages poultry exports from the US.

The GPA Executive Director announced that they are planning to build a second container port on Hutchinson Island. This 200 acre port will increase the twenty-foot equivalent container units (TEUs) by 2.5 million.

They are also expanding the Garden City Terminal existing 1,200 acre port to bring Savannah’s total capacity of TEUs to 11 million. These expansions is also causing a warehouse and distribution boom around the area that is estimated to create 12,000 jobs in the area. The harbor is also being deepened from 42 feet to 47 feet to make room the Post Panamax generation of containerized cargo ships.

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