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Respond to the following three short essay questions. Each answer should be at least two pages plus references (approximately 750-1,500) words based on detailed outside research, your responses are to be in your own words with no copying except for minimal quotes that must be properly cited in APA format (APUS Library). It should be your own thoughts and opinions that demonstrate your understanding of the topics and the course materials. Number and state each topic question followed with your response to that topic.

1.What are 4 published resources (strategies, International Codes, etc) available to the port FSO in assessing domestic and international risks associated with terrorism and other criminal activity threats posed to port maritime operations? Provide critical analysis of each…strengths, weaknesses areas that need further development,
2. What is the role of MTSA 2002 required Area Maritime Security Committee or AMSC. Why is this organization critical to the secure operation of a port? Be specific. Area there areas within the security regime that committee members can work more closely?
3. Define and give examples of maritime Cyber terrorism. How does it threaten port security operations now and in the future? Be specific.

Technical Requirements:
Length: Minimum of 2 pages for each question, double spaced, 1″ margins, 12 pitch type in Times New Roman font

Citations/References: You must use the APA style for this assignment. A minimum of 10 outside references required.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Subject-Not defined
Pages / words-6 / 1650
Number of sources-10
Academic level-Senior (College 4th year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacingDouble
Language style-US English

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