Topic: Portfolio and Reflective Summary coursework assignment


Assignment task
Using materials generated during the mini project workshops and through your independent study, populate a portfolio of evidence of your learning and development during the module.
Write a 500 word answer to the question:
How and why have the mini project workshops contributed towards the development of your employability?
This assignment requires you to:
1. Create a portfolio as follows:
A minimum of 12 documents is suggested.
 These should be materials generated during FY027 mini project and employability classes, or through independent study relevant to these aspects of the module.
 These materials might include
o a selection of reading logs related to the projects
o photographs of work completed in class or typed up work from class
o reflections on how your project work meets the learning outcomes
o examples of academic writing
o an up-to-date CV
 There is no word count for these documents although it is anticipated that they should provide a minimum of 1500 words, or equivalent, in addition to the summary.
 Using the Learning Outcomes may help you to choose which documents to include.
2. Share a snapshot of the portfolio with your seminar lecturer.
3. Write a 500 word summary explaining your choices of the Portfolio contents and provide the actual portfolio in appendix section of the s

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