Topic: Positive impact into literacy.

What do you remember about your earliest reading and writing experiences?
One of the things that I remember about my reading and writing when I was growing up is that it was definitely a struggle. As an English learner it was hard because I did not have that at home. My parents are both from Mexico so English was not spoken at home. At school I really did not have the assistance that children have now a days at school. So it was definitely a true struggle because I did not have the practice that the majority of the children had.
As a child, did someone read to you? If so, what do you remember about it?
Like I mentioned earlier I was growing up in a Non-English speaking home so my parents did not read English but they would not read to us in Spanish either. My parents beliefs and costumes were a little different then what many families now a days believe about reading to children all I can remember is that they never had the time to read to us.
For what purposes (e.g., studying, for information, enjoyment) did you see people reading and/or writing in your home?
The times that I got to see my parents writing or reading was when my parents had some paper work to do like for example, paying bills etc. One of the times that I do remember that my parents did read something to us was when my grandparents would send the family a little letter or note with someone to us.
Did you visit the library? If so, what types of materials did you bring home?
The very first time that I had the opportunity to visit a library was because I had to do a school project and I have to gather resources and back then we did not have much internet access so we had to use real books and real resources.
Which teachers, learning experiences, and/or materials can you recall that had an impact (positive or negative) on your literacy development? In what ways did they influence you?
I had a teacher in college when I first started attending college that made me look at literacy in a whole different way. She was about to help me understand the beauty of being able to read and write better as well as understanding the materials that I am using for a better understanding of an overall positive impact into literacy.

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