Topic: Postman Always Ring Twice Essay


In a short essay submitted to Canvas, tell the reader whether Postman is a Noir novel based on the 11 elements of Noir presented at the beginning of the Module. You must bring in quotes and events from story to make your point.
You have 11 elements to choose from but only write about 1-2 of them. For example, you could write about whether a character in Postman is an outsider; whether there is a femme fatale; violence; first-person narration; no happy endings. In any event, reread the blog that is called “11 Elements of Noir” at the beginning of the module on Noir.

This is going to be a short essay, 200-300 words. Every word counts. Here is a sample outline:

I. Intro… thesis with element or two you will focus on.

II. Body paragraph #1 on one element

III. Body paragraph #2 on the second element

IV. Conclusion

That’s it. You will be graded the same as other essays: lead, thesis, development, conclusion, grammar, spelling, punctuation, unity, coherence, etc.

11 elements link:
Postman Always Ring Twice link:

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