Topic: Power Point Presentation – A critical review of a physical activity or exercise intervention/s for a specific target group.


Learning Outcomes:Upon successful completion of this assignment, students will have demonstrated:LO 2. Be critically aware of psychological issues in physical activity intervention with specific populations. LO 4. Use knowledge of psychology to examine and critically evaluate physical activity intervention with specific populations.

General instructionsThe assignment consists of a group presentation demonstrating a critical evaluation of an existing intervention/s that aims to increase health related physical activity or exercise with a specific target population. Your evaluation will focus on psychological issues related to the enhancement of physical activity with the target group specified.

Examples of specific target groups include prevention and/or treatment of lifestyle illnesses such as obesity, diabetes and CHD; mental health disorders such as depression or stress; school based physical activity in childhood, community projects for adolescence, pregnancy, work based interventions etc. or National media campaigns aimed at the general public.

You need to work in a small group of 2, 3 or 4 to prepare the delivery of one presentation. During preparation you should:Make use of a variety of resources, for example:Library – Books, journals, databases such as DISCOVER. Organisations that represent this population.Physically active and inactive members of the population.Exercise leaders or coaches working with this population.Policy documents etc.You will be allocated to your group during the seminar in weeks 1 and 2. Your presentation will take place in weeks 9, 10 or 11. Each group will select a topic and then be allocated a presentation week.

You must attend the weekly seminar each week even if you are not presenting in order to offer a peer review to your fellow presenters. Not only is the information presented at the seminars a part of the module requirements, the students leading the seminar also need to be able to count on a full class. As a group, you need to bring one printed copy of the presentation material including a list of all references used to give to the examiner on the day of your presentation. Print this off using the ‘notes page’ option on power point. This will enable you to indicate slide by slide each student’s personal contribution to that slide. Each slide on this printed copy of your presentation will have written on it:

a.The name or names of the student responsible for providing the knowledge and information (sourcing materials and selecting information) used to prepare the slide.b.The name or names of the student responsible for preparing the visual presentation of that slide.By doing this you will be clarifying for the examiner, the specific elements of the group work that you personally contributed (i.e. depth and breadth of relevant knowledge, Analysis and Interpretation of Evidence and Critical Evaluation). If two or more of you contributed equally to one or more slides than this will be indicated on each slide and the group mark section (see rubric below) will be equal between group members.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Power Point presentation
Subject-Physical Studies
Pages / words-12 / 1800
Academic level-Master’s
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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