Topic: Professional & Ethical Issues in IT

Professional & Ethical Issues in IT
• Watch the video. Make notes.
• Reflect on whistle-blowing Q&A from last week and data ethics. Explore the article, Edward Snowden: Traitor or Hero? Make notes.
• Jot down thoughts and feelings on this?
I think …..
(80 words )
Write about how you feel about what companies do with your data and think about if it is just as important as what they know about it.
I think personal information….(50 words )
After reading the Data Harvesting
think about what questions you would ask to tease out the ethical issues around the company’s personality-“harvesting” method.
Only one question about Cambridge Analyitica& Ethical? (10 word ) then Answer your question(30 words)
What ethical implications occur when Cambridge Analyitica use certain techniques to gain data?
answer it convincingly (30 words)
Watch the video on Make important notes. (80 words)

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