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This coursework is intended to help you meet and assess your achievement of the module learning outcomes, identified below. The grade awarded will contribute to your grade for this module and your overall level and course aggregate grade. The assessment criteria are clearly set out within the coursework brief and it is in your own interests to ensure that your work addresses the assessment criteria clearly and in an appropriate manner and logical sequence. If you are unsure or unclear about any aspect of what is required of you, you should contact the coursework author or module leader straight away. Formative feedback will be provided at seminars.

Submission Instructions

  1. Your coursework must be submitted in an electronic copy in Microsoft Word format to the Module Drop Box which is located in the module learning room on NOW; it should be uploaded no later than the coursework submission date given above. The coursework will automatically be assessed by the web-based text-match tool, Turnitin UK. Only one, final version of your work may be submitted to the Drop Box. Once submitted you cannot revise your submission; you have only one opportunity to submit. Failure to submit your work to the Drop box by the submission deadline will delay assessment of your work and may result in your work being deemed a late submission and thereby subject to late submission assessment penalty.
  2. Please be aware that there will be no opportunity to add to the content of your work once submitted and that in submitting the work you confirm that the anti plagerism policies of the University have been fully complied with.

Presentation Requirements

 The coursework must be typed; 12 point Arial font must be used throughout for the main body of the work.
 Line spacing must be 1.5 lines.
 Top, bottom, left and right margins must be at least 30mm.
 The coursework must be presented ‘single side’ typed (not double sided).
 The core pages of the submission must be paginated.
 The coursework must not extend beyond the word limit specified above. Any work after this word limit has been reached will not be graded. The word limit includes tables, figures and footnotes but excludes the bibliography and/or list of references unless specifically directed otherwise by the module leader.
 Make sure you proof read and spell check your work. Remember that spell checkers will not identify an incorrect but correctly spelt word.

Coursework Task and Additional Guidance


The Assessment

Submit a legal report addressing task below:

1) Describe the difference between professional negligence and general negligence and outline practical steps a surveyor firm could take to manage this risk.

Your answers should be supported by an outline of the relevant area of law and references to relevant legislation and case law (setting out key facts and principles of law in any case to which you refer) as appropriate.

Remember to explain and justify your answer with legal authority.

Rationale for the assessment:

Understanding how these areas of law impact upon commercial practice is a significant professional skill for a future surveyor to understand.

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Type Of Assignment : Essay
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Language style : UK English

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