Topic: prosecution memorandum Law School application essay

Topic: prosecution memorandum

It is a memorandum for the prosecution of senator Rand Paul’s, if anything should be added or taken out of the statue is quoted and explained properly.

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laws based on Kentucky 1st degree assault.

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Topic: Business Management coursework paper

For this week’s discussion, you will want to think about the materials from the text and the lecture.
Review the information about blind recruiting in the MANAGING CHANGE feature box, in Section 5.2 then view the video posted by Gail Tolstoi-Miller. Then address the following:
Are some forms of discriminatory hiring impossible to avoid?
What can a candidate do to avoid being a victim of these kinds of practices?
If you were a manager, what steps could you take to ensure a fairer hiring process?
Post your substantive initial posting no later than Saturday this week, and be sure to use outside support for your posting. This should be from reliable sources (other than the textbook), and you need to reference the sources using proper APA Version 7 formatting.
In addition to your initial posting, you need to respond to at least three classmates’ initial posts to provide comments, insights, or questions that further the discussion. Your responses need to be substantive and should move the discussions forward. You need to post the follow-up posts at least two separate days, and your initial posting should be on a separate day as well. So, you will need to participate at least three days throughout the week for the discussion in total (one for the initial post and two other days for the follow-up posts).
Keep in mind that you cannot submit discussion posts for credit after the week due and you will be assessed a late penalty for any initial posts that are submitted after Saturday. You will not be able to see other posts until you have posted yours, and you should not edit your initial posting after you have posted.

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