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Topic: Psychology history and philosophy essay

Essay question:

The DSM provides definitions of mental disorders which are used in diagnosis. Outline the evolution of the concept of ‘mental disorder’ over the past century and explain the relationship, if any, with the concept of ‘wellness’.

This assignment is intended to help you develop a deeper and critical appreciation of psychology research, theory and practice. You will do this through an in-depth exploration of an issue, area or topic in psychology.

To complete this assignment, you will need to locate journal articles, books and other sources relevant to your topic. You will need to apply critical thinking skills that go beyond a synthesis of literature. You will need to apply historical and philosophical concepts in your interpretation of literature and argument.

Word limit: 2500 (+/- 10%)

  1. Explanation of question and definition of key terms.
  2. Content.
  3. Argument.
  4. Critical thinking/evaluation.
  5. APA citations.
  6. APA referencing.
  7. APA writing style.

Your work will be assessed using the following marking guide:

Assignment 3 marking guide
CriteriaNo PassPass
High Distinction
Explanation of question and definition of key terms
Did not meet criterion. A few key terms not defined, incorrectly defined or unclear. Question is stated but may be unclear.Key terms/issues/problems defined, but lack clarity or completeness. Question is clearly stated.Key terms/concepts defined, but some room to improve clarity, precision, concision, etc. Question is clearly stated and explained.Question and all relevant terms are clearly and concisely defined and integrated into the work.
Did not meet criterion.Sources used are of low quality and/or relevance. Too few sources cited. Overreliance on summaries or textbooks. Narrow selection of concepts.Sources used are generally appropriate and mostly of good quality. Some parts of the assignment may be over- or under-referenced. One or two important concepts may have been overlooked. Good selection of relevant sources. There may be more appropriate selections for some areas.Excellent selection of relevant and appropriate sources to illustrate or support points.
Did not meet criterion.Lacks clear/logical structure. Minimal use of literature to build argument. Only marginal or minimal reference to historical and philosophical concepts. Contains excessive opinion or unsubstantiated claims.Generally clear argument. Some aspects of structure, logic, use of literature could be improved. Some points should have been covered in more detail; irrelevant information may have been included. Reference to historical/philosophical concepts is made.Sound argument with a logical structure. Appropriate reference to literature is used to support argument. Only minimal irrelevant or tangential information. Historical and philosophical concepts are used appropriately.Develops clear argument focused tightly on the topic. Good use has been made of appropriate literature to support points. Clear and sound logic has been used to build an argument. Well-integrated and appropriate use of philosophical and historical concepts.
Critical thinking/evaluation
Did not meet criterion.Some evaluation of source material/theory/data.Good evaluation of source material/theory/data using consistent logic.Good evaluation of source material/theory/data using a consistent  logical approach and framework relevant.Outstanding evaluation of source material/theory/data. Appropriate framework has been selected and thinking shows sensitivity to complexities of the issues.
APA citations
Did not meet criterion.Citations crucial for argument omitted; excessive quotations; 5-6 format errors.Slightly too many/too few citations; 3-4 citation format errors.Generally appropriate use of citations to support argument; 1-2 citation format errors. Appropriate use of citations to support argument. Perfect or near perfect adherence to APA format.
APA referencing
Did not meet criterion.Reference list omits 1-2 references or references papers that were not cited; 4-5 formatting errors.Reference list is complete; 3-4 formatting errors.Reference list is complete; 1-2 formatting errors.Perfect or near perfect adherence to APA formatting.
APA writing style 
Did not meet criterion.Writing somewhat unclear; several grammatical, expressive or typographical errors. May be somewhat too long or short.Some problems with grammar or expression. Some typographical errors. May be a little too long or short.Generally clear writing. Minor expression or typographical problems in isolated places. Appropriate length. Good, but not total adherence to APA guidelines on clarity, bias reduction, etc.Excellent expression, grammar, structure, flow and integration. Appropriate length. Full adherence to APA guidelines on clarity, bias reduction, etc.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-10 / 2500
Number of sources-12
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-APA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-AU English

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