Topic: Public Policy; Desgregating Affordable Housing

Essay must answer the following questions; and Identify certain key points listed below

1. Why is Affordable housing only in low income neighborhoods?

2. What are some public state/government polices that allow this segregation to occur?

3. Why people do not want affordable housing in rich neighborhoods?

4. How does red-lining and zoning play a role in keeping neighborhoods segragted?

5. How can creating new zoning policies help desegregate communites?

6. Why is creating mixed-income neighborhoods important?


a. key themes, stakeholders, power dynamics

b. demonstration of nuance, including competing sides and

proposals to the issue.

c. Identify resources (public policies/ local organizations that can be used to help create mixed-income neighborhoods

d. Identify potential lines of future research for the subject

Type of assignment: Essay

Subject: Political science

Pages: 7/1925

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