Topic: Purchase & Supply Management

Subject: Purchase & Supply Management

Develop a detailed ‘Review Supply Networks’ report answering all of the below questions. Please use information provided by the attached case study on Tesla.

Q1. Describe & discuss Tesla’s Model 3 vertically integrated supply chain and its appropriateness to the car manufacturing industry. Also, please outline the benefits and drawbacks of using such a model.

Q2. As outlined in title of the case study, Tesla faces many supply chain challenges. Please outline and discuss these challenges under the following headings:
A.Supply Challenges / Constraints
B.Production Challenges / Constraints
C.Service Challenges / Constraints

Q3. Based on the above challenges, please outline, and discuss an alternative approach to Tesla’s supply chain model for the Model 3. In your answer please consider the following:
•Lean, Agile or “Leagile” supply chain model/methodology.
(PLEASE go with “Leagile”)
•Benefits and drawbacks to your chosen model.

Pages: 8 Double spaced(2200 words)
Style and sources: Harvard, 12 sources
Free extras/Outline/Title page/Bibliography / Reference page
Study level: Master
Assignment type: Report
Subject: Business and Economics
Language: US

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