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Keep them separate and every question needs a reference.

1. How do crime control and due process models show the dichotomy between the roles of the court to punish and to provide legal protections that guarantee a defendant’s rights?

2. What do you think are the most critical differences between the authority and responsibilities of government justice system personnel versus private security personnel? How do these differences relate with the authorities of private citizens?

3. How has terrorism changed U.S. citizens’ views and attitudes on law enforcement and security operations within the United States? What constitutional rights would you be willing to relinquish to protect national security?

4. Should criminal justice agencies maintain a social media presence? Should police departments have a dedicated social media unit? How have social media sites assisted law enforcement in fighting and investigating crime?

5. Does simply following laws and policies make the employees of criminal justice organizations moral? When employees follow rules, policies, and procedures, are there fewer or greater economic impacts on organizations? Explain your answers.

6. Do public agencies have a higher standard of legal, ethical, and managerial behaviors than private agencies? Do these behaviors and related actions play victim to economic issues and concerns? Do these economic factors affect public agencies or private agencies at a higher level?

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