Topic: Recommendation for Network

Learning Outcomes:-

1. Build and deploy secure, effective wireless networks  
2. Assess the performance and limitations of wireless networking systems.  
3. Critically evaluate the trends and emerging technologies in wireless and mobile networks  
4. Present an analytical argument in this subject area  


  1. Complete the Lab worksheets that will be made available on Blackboard.
  • Use your findings from the worksheets to help you write the report and its appendix as discussed below. You may carry out the practical work in pairs and share your results from the practical work, but you must produce the final report and appendix individually.

Do not plagiarise.

  MDC (Manchester Drone Company) is a startup company who intend to offer drone services to customers who wish to use drones to film and photograph locations and events throughout the UK. They will provide recorded or streamed live videos, and images, which will be edited using Adobe professional software and sent to their clients via a secure cloud based portal.   The company intend to set up a new office on an industrial estate. As well as an open plan office space and several meeting rooms, the building includes a small workshop area and an unused carpark ideal for testing kit. The previous owners stripped the whole building, and it has no networking infrastructure, such as conduit for cables.   The company currently has 8 employees, including 2 drone pilots, and they intend to hire external pilots for specific jobs. They expect their business to grow rapidly over the next five years.   As well as standard office software such as Word and Excel, the network will need to support film and photo editing software. Social media will also play a big part in marketing MDC and building up a customer base.   The company has hired you as their networking consultant to carry out an investigation into aspects of wireless networking to help them decide how to set up a computer network in their new building.   Keen to save money, they have asked you to consider the suggestion that the design for their LAN should be wireless based with no cables to avoid the cost of installing conduit and cables.   They would prefer to use WPA2-PSK security on the wireless network, as they believe it will be easy to support, but want to add MAC authentication and a hidden SSID to make it more secure. Security is important because they may survey sensitive sites, such as nuclear reactors, prisons and oil refineries.   The wireless networks should be set up to block offensive websites, and prevent users from accessing the wired parts of the network. They would also like an internet only guest wireless network for visitors that would use WEP security.   Employees should be able to upload materials from external sites to a server located in the office using FTP.  
  Informed by your findings from the module worksheets, you are required to produce a short business report, of no more than 2 sides, for the Company recommending:  
The type of network they should use (wired, wireless, or a mix of both)Any methods of security they should use.  
The report should refer to the company‚Äôs business requirements, but it should not be constrained by them. If you believe that alternative solutions would be more appropriate, you should recommend them; however, you must have evidence from the worksheets to support your recommendations.  
  In addition, you should produce an appendix using materials gathered when completing the set of practical worksheets used in the lab sessions.   The appendix has a maximum length of 15 pages.   Your report should reference the appendix, which must contain evidence to support your recommendations. The appendix must also include diagrams of how the test networks were constructed. The diagrams should use Cisco icons to represent network devices such as APs and switches.
  Submit the reports and the appendix to Blackboard in the form of a single pdf document. The final submission should be in the following order:   Business ReportAppendix  
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