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DIRECTIONS: In approximately 3 pages (Including 1 Cover Page), summarize what you have learned about marketing this semester due to the awareness and knowledge gained from the content and assignments in the class. Also, reflect on the impact of these changes for your personal and professional life now and in the future. The reflection paper should be double-spaced with 12-point font and 1-inch margins. Utilize headings and subheadings to organize your content and enhance readability. Use APA format for all citations and references. Cover page should include all relevant information and look professional. Your writing ability will be factored into the grade as well.

This course is Marketing: a study of the marketing of goods and services, including legal, social, economic, and technological considerations; consumer behavior and target markets; product; pricing; promotion; channels of distribution, and the development of marketing strategy.

. Specific attention will be given to the following course objectives:
1. Defining the components of the marketing function
2. Evaluating the marketing environment,
3. Devising marketing strategy
4. Implementing marketing decisions in a complex global marketplace.
Student Learning Outcomes: At the completion of this course, the student should be able to:
1. Define the discipline of Marketing and relate its managerial and theoretical relevance to the organization as a whole.
2. Identify the elements of the Marketing Mix and the creation of Marketing Strategy.
3. Illustrate the use of strategic planning models to organize marketing decision-making.
4. Confront the ethical decisions facing marketing decision-makers in a complex operating environment.
5. Illustrate Marketing Decision-Making in a dynamic global business environment, including the sub-environments: Demographic; Competitive; Economic; Natural or Physical; Cultural; Political and Legal; and Technology.

Profile the Marketing Research process and its importance to Marketing Decision-Makers. Overview the processes used to identify appropriate target markets.
Illustrate the processes used to create and market goods and services.
Illustrate the processes used to assign prices to goods and services sold.
Illustrate the processes used to create, maintain, and manage a channel of distribution and supply chain.
Illustrate the processes used to develop promotional programs to communicate with stakeholders.
Examine and discuss current events in Business and Marketing.
Prepare students to conduct themselves as informed consumers and marketing managers in a dynamic global marketplace. Students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills obtained through participation in experiential learning activities that are
14. relevant/pertinent to their academic programs and/or career goals.

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