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Topic: Reflective Discussion on Personal Cultural Competence using example from clinical practice

A Reflective Discussion on Personal Cultural Competence – 2000 word assignment

  • reflect and analyse on your own cultural competence based on ONE experience from your practice learning to date –
  • The reflective discussion should be based on the Papadopoulos, Tilki, and Taylor (1998) model of cultural competence. This will be used as a framework to reflect on your own cultural competence and evaluate how this experience will influence your future nursing practice.

The following red subheading form each paragraph

Introduction (Paragraph 1)

Inform the reader of the key elements you will discuss.

Discuss the importance of cultural competence.

Refer to the model being used to reflect on your own cultural competence which is the Papadopoulos, Tilki, and Taylor (1998) model of cultural competence.

Culture and Diversity (Paragraph 2) – approx. 300 words

Define culture and diversity

Define cultural competence

Why do nurses need to be culturally competent?

Include some statistics. Consider some legal/ethical frameworks

Introduction to Model (Paragraph 3) – apprx. 200 words

Introducing the model and EVALUATE the model. DO NOT DISCUSS EACH SECTION IN DETAIL


Patient Scenario (Para. 4)

For the  reflective discussion I chose to discuss on a patient in my clinical practice that I have encountered who was a Jehovah witness who refused a blood transfusion. Male patient, 65 years old. Patient initially admitted for insertion of nephrostomy. When bloods were checked, identified patient had a low Hb and therefore require blood transfusion. Since patient was Jehovah Witness, refused the transfusion.  Therefore, as an alternative medic decided to administer erythropoietin instead to bring Hb up. Once the erythropoietin has been given, repeat bloods were done which shows Hb has improved. 

Analysis of own cultural competence (Para. 5)

what this means for person centred care, using the model to frame the discussion

Cultural awareness (Para. 6)

Reflect on the personal factors that can influence cultural competence including; awareness, attitudes, values and beliefs, knowledge and skills. possess any stereotypes, ethnocentric views/attitudes?

Cultural Knowledge (para. 7)

Explore the patient’s specific culture or diverse needs

You may wish to use the literature to discuss how this governs how they live their lives, including their norms, beliefs, values and behaviours.

What problems may they face?

From reading the literature regarding the patient’s specific diverse need or culture, what have you learned, how will this influence your practice?

How can you gain cultural knowledge?

How would you ensure this remains person centred?

Cultural sensitivity (para.8)

This is how professionals view people in their care

Evaluate whether an equal partnership was achieved that involved trust, acceptance and respect

Consider the communication skills that are required to develop a therapeutic relationship with patients who may have cultural or diverse needs


Consider any practical skills such as assessment of needs, clinical diagnosis and other caring skills.

An important component of this stage is the ability to recognise and challenge racism and other forms of discrimination – explore this within your student nurse role


Evaluate how this will influence and inform your future nursing practice by considering your education, exposure, knowledge and skills.

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Type of assignment-Essay
Pages / words-8 / 2200
Number of sources-15
Academic level-Junior (College 3rd year)
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style-UK English

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