Topic: Reflective essay of leaning from MBA professional development


To reflect on learning and development from the MBA over the last two years. Looking back over my experience of the professional development courses, give an account of how and to what extent they have contributed to expanding knowledge and skills and helped in my professional life.

Ideas on professional development going forward. Weaknesses identified and plans to address these.

The points the essay to talk bout are learning around:

– Next step on my professional career: Chief Financial Officer or Chief Operational Officer. Explain how the MBA has contributed to this.

– Learning skills needed to write a dissertation: identify a problem, set objectives, carry out academic review, collection and analysis of data, coming to conclusions and making recommendations. The advantages of these skills as a leader. How it has strengthen my leadership profile.

– Leadership development: Executive presence. negotiation skills, presentation skills workshops. These have had an impact on my presence and performance in board meetings.

– What it means being a woman in Leadership.

– Leading others in and working with complexity. Could talk about learning from the MBA applied to manage remotely a team during Covid-19.

– Leading organisations through transitions.

– Weakness: decision-making in complex situations where information is scarce. How to deal: applying frameworks: decision tree, Stacey landscape model, 2×2 matrix, among others.

– Weakness: lack of confidence. How to address: apply skills learned on executive presence, the power of persuasion, video myself, ask for feedback.

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