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Each Question should be completed in a concise but well-written essay, about 200-300 words long.

1. How does a society’s values shape its approach to science? Explain general principles, but illustrate your answer with specific examples as well. Feel free to discuss any aspect of society (culture, religion, politics, etc.).

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2. What is science and how does it differ from other academic disciplines? Discuss at least one detailed example of a specific question, illustrating how a scientist would address that question differently than a non-scientist.

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3. How does scientific discovery (including technological innovation) influence human culture?
Explain general principles, and then illustrate your answer with least one detailed example.Mandatory Source Attached “Question 3 Mandatory Source”

4. Compare and contrast two cultures’ approaches to science. You may draw from history or American subcultures as well as world cultures. For example, you could discuss medieval Europe vs. Enlightenment Europe or liberal America vs. conservative America, as well as America vs. China, etc.

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