Topic: Report and Presentation on Entrepreneur Analysis

Instructions for Assessment 1: Individual Report and Presentation on Entrepreneur Analysis

Studying successful entrepreneurs has the potential for considerable learning and positive role modelling. You must find and research a successful Australian entrepreneur: that you find interesting and that you admire. This may include social entrepreneurs as well as for-profit entrepreneurs.

Write a report in which you summarise your most important learning and insights you have gathered from your (secondary) research about the entrepreneur you have chosen. Explore and discuss patterns, differences and similarities evident between entrepreneurship theory and what you found written about your entrepreneur’s mindset, orientation, and behaviour.

Provide a 1minute in-class presentation (talking only, no slides nor media, but an in class handout is allowed) in which you introduce and provide a summary of your entrepreneur and report. It is important that you highlight the entrepreneurial orientation of your chosen entrepreneur, and justification of your opinion. 
Below are some aspects that you could investigate. Use these as a guideline only and make sure you cover everything assessed by the marking rubric:
Why can this person be categorised as an entrepreneur?
What type of entrepreneur is your chosen entrepreneur?
What are your entrepreneur’s major talents and shortcomings (as an entrepreneur)?
How would you describe your entrepreneur’s temperament?
How would you describe the entrepreneurial orientation of the person you are studying? (essential – assessed in rubric)
What things motivate your entrepreneur to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities?
What surprised you most about your entrepreneur’s behaviour?
Through your research, what was confirmed /contradicted about entrepreneurship?
What new insights emerged?
How important is teamwork to your entrepreneur?
What hurdles did he/she overcome?
What mistakes did he/she make?
Of what importance was networking to your entrepreneur?
Which “tools of the trade” is he/she using?
What factors support/hinder his/her entrepreneurial behaviour?
In what ways does this study inform your knowledge of entrepreneurship?
The key to this evaluation is the way in which you integrate the information you have collected about your entrepreneur with the content of this course and the theories (such as entrepreneurial orientation and the entrepreneurship process) underpinning entrepreneurship. It is not simply a list and outline of the events and activities of your selected entrepreneur, but the way in which you convey a focused and sustained argument supported by literature; appropriate for integrating theory and practice.
To this extent, you are to apply (and appropriately reference, both in-text and in the reference list) at least 10 sources (to include at least 5 academic journal articles, plus additional media or newspaper articles, periodicals, web links, blogs, social media and so on. An example of academic journal articles is provided in the Reading List.
Further guidelines

All three assignments must be presented in the format of a management report that complies with the following:
Format: Microsoft Word.
Font: 12 point, Times New Roman.
Text [Including references]: 1.5 line spacing, left-justified.
Page Layout: 1-inch (2.54cm) margins on all sides with page numbers in the bottom right corner and no header/footer.
A front cover page that contains the report’s title, author(s), submission date, video URL and word count.
An executive summary of no longer than one page.
A table of contents. Main and sub-sections must be numbered and linked to page numbers.
The report must be paginated.
The report must be spell-checked.
All Figures/Tables/Graphs must be sequentially numbered and captioned.
All Figures/Tables/Graphs must be referred to and discussed from within body of text.
In-text citation of sources must be done correctly (using APA6).
A reference list must be provided and comply with prescribed style (APA6).
Appendices must be sequentially numbered and appropriately captioned.
Remember, the most important part of the assessment is the abstract/executive summary! 
Each report must have an introduction and end with a conclusion.
You MUST use A report template. You can edit and modify its appearance to your liking.

Type of service: Academic paper writing

Type of assignment: Report

Subject: Management

Pages/words: 10/2500

Number of sources: 1

Academic level: Masters

Paper format: APA

Line spacing: Double

Language style: AU English

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