Topic: Report: Contractor selection and Confined Space Safety.


SAFE 481 Virtual Internship
Report 4: Contractor selection and Confined Space Safety.

Watch this video and go to CSB to get the complete investigation
For your report:
1. Identify the hazards associated with this video simulation of the accident.
2. Provide recommendations and controls to eliminate and mitigate the confined space identified hazards.
3. Create a Confined Space Program for this company to incorporate all your recommendations.
4. Update the company contractor selection criteria to incorporate safety performance. What safety indicators you will include in the contactor selection criteria; IR, DART, EMR, etc. Create a safety performance selection checklist with scoring criteria to ensure safety performance is incorporated in the overall contactor selection criteria.

My paper needs to consist of…
Cover Page
Table of contents
1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Background
3.0 Methods/Methodology
4.0 Findings
5.0 Recommendations
6.0 Conclusions
Reference page
Appendices – **this is where the Confined Space Program needs to be attached. This part should be no more than one page

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Type of assignment-Essay
Subject-Environmental Science
Pages / words-11 / 3025
Number of sources-0
Academic level-High School
Paper format-MLA
Line spacing-Double
Language style-US English

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