Topic: Report to Environmental Health Committee on Emergency Planning and Flooding Preparedness

ENH526 Individual Assignment 2020
Report to EH Committee on Emergency Planning and Flooding
Case Study (30% Individual)
You work in a local authority in which the main town is built in a river valley, through
which a large river meanders. The town has not historically been subject to flooding
incidents but recent frequent heavy rainfall events have come close to creating flooding
and have been in effect been near misses. In addition recent urban development has
taken place along the riverside and extends in places up to the steep slopes of the valley
and financial cut backs have impacted on maintenance of the river banks.
The Director of Environmental Services has asked you to prepare a report to be discussed
by Council at the next Environmental Services Committee highlighting,
• the changes that may have increased the likelihood of flooding in the town,
• the issues that a flooding incident would pose for the community, and
• examining what contingencies should be considered to prevent and manage such
an event by the Local Authority.
No work has been done on emergency preparedness to date.
The report is to provide a summary of the potential flooding impacts on the Borough and
an appraisal of the Council’s responsibilities in relation to Emergency Planning and
flooding events together with what policies, plans, procedures and actions should be in
place to deal with or mitigate them.
You may wish to draw of the experiences of other local authorities that have dealt with
such incidents to provide examples of good practice and how mistakes can be avoided.
You can also elaborate on the scenario provided the additional details are plausible.
▪ You are to include information that has been gathered from the Group exercise,
from lectures resources on Blackboard and other relevant sources that you
discover during your research.
▪ The report should be word processed (Size 12 font and 1.5 lines spacing) and not
more than 2500 words.
Note Committee Reports are usually discussed at open meetings at which members of
the public and the local press are present.
Submission Date Week 6, Friday 6th March 6.00 pm on Blackboard.
The Harvard Referencing system must be used. Please consult your module outline
handout for an example of Harvard referencing.
Marking Scheme
Assessment Criteria Percentage
Content: Situation Analysis , Flood Risk and Emergency Planning,
Evaluation of issues and actions.
Evidence of reading, the range (Legislation, policy and guidance, together
with reports and academic papers) and appropriateness of the literature and
information sources used to support the discussion.
Knowledge and understanding of flooding issues, legislation, policy,
guidance and procedures demonstrated in the Assignment
Professional Writing: Spelling Grammar and Layout 15%
Referencing 5%

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