Topic: Research Project: Topic & Thesis Assignment


Please review the course syllabus, instructions, and grading rubric to properly write the research project topic and thesis.
[Part 1]Research Project: Topic & Thesis
Choosing a topic, gathering relevant information, planning, and organizing the research project are some of the most common challenges students experience in the writing process. Thus, choosing a topic and developing a cogent thesis and outline page are prerequisites for the research project. They offer a provisional map of the best order to plan and present material that may be modified as ideas and research evolve.
You may focus on any of the assigned readings in this course. The paper may analyze a theory or a prevalent style or theme that is present in multiple periods covered in the course, such as the theme of Bondage and Freedom, The City, Family, Identity, and Orality in Writing. It may combine a thematic and intertextual approach to discuss the repetitions, responses, reversals, revisions, and revivals of these themes or styles within and between the various periods.
Review the assignment instructions for the research project and decide what topic you wish to write your research project on. Next, develop and submit a clear thesis. A thesis statement is generally very brief, usually one to two sentences, summing up the main idea/argument for the essay. Your thesis statement should be evident, plausible, sophisticated, insightful, and present a clear, specific argument. In addition, the thesis should be cogent, and present new way(s) of thinking about the material, and address the question.

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