Topic: Researching Indigenous Australian ADAM GOODES


 not included David Unaipon as he is a focus of the unit content.

When you have conducted sufficient research you are to construct a profile of your chosen person’s life. Make sure you include the following aspects in your profile:

  • Contextualise your chosen person’s life and the significant events and cultural experiences that impacted on who they are and what they achieved.
  • Describe and give examples of how this person contributed to Australian society.
  • Make reference to the readings in the unit and what you have learned so far about Indigenous history and perspectives.
  • Use correct terminology for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. This can be found in Appendix B Terminology (PDF 193 KB) (Links to an external site.) (pp. 21-34) of your eText and in Terminology and language.

Complete this component in report style. You are encouraged to use bullet points, images and examples to profile your chosen person. However, remember that this is not simply a list of facts or a timeline of their life.

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