Topic: Resource Management Integration Report of British Airways and Emirates


L.O 1. Identify the theories and techniques relating to human capital development in particular those

relating to motivation

For this learning outcome you must provide examples of theories and techniques for human capital

development and how these are used/applied in your chosen organisations for motivation

L.O 2. Evaluate change management theories and assess the potential challenges and opportunities

associated with implementing change and the characteristics of a ‘learning organisation’.

For this learning outcome you must provide examples of theories for change management and how these

have been used/applied in your chosen organisations, with examples for a learning organisation and any

associated challenges and opportunities.

L.O 3. Examine the role of financial management techniques for the monitoring and control of the financial

resource alongside the significance of cost information and its contribution to short, interim and long term


Using a tool such as ratio analysis, you must demonstrate how the tools are used (calculations and data)

over a 5 year period and compare the organisations against each other AND the sector or industry average.

L.O 4. Evaluate the role of standard financial and management account practices in different types of


For this learning outcome you must provide examples and evidence of financial decision making within

your organisations to do with financial/management account practices. Real examples should be provided.

An example may include decisions made due to Covid.

All work should be referenced and cited. Where company examples are NOT provided or applied – the

learning outcome will NOT be met

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