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Topic: Response to the Krauss novel: Assignment

Topics in Global Literature: Mobility and Identity in Recent World Fiction

Response to the Krauss novel: Assignment


WriteNO MORE THAN a 1-p. double-spaced essay (12-point Times New Roman) in response to the following questions:

“The idea of being in two places at once goes back a long way with me,” writes Krauss on p. 39 of Forest Dark. Do a brief analysis of this novel from the perspective of this quote.

Your essay must also incorporate the Kafka interrelated themes of motion, transformation, becoming, starting a new life, and so forth.


Be specific in your discussion and make use of textual evidence as appropriate. You must incorporate analytical language as you comment closely on the fiction fragments used to back up your claim or claims.

Your commentary should identify themes and problems, as well as attend to literary technique. Revise your essay carefully for logic, clarity of expression, and style (including grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, and the like).

Proofread your work one more time at the end. Also, remember that your text must be polished and generally in accord with the academic conventions at this level. No texting symbols, acronyms, shorthand forms, or excessive colloquialisms are acceptable.

Your essay will be evaluated on both content (quality of the analysis) and form.

For the essay, use a classical structure: brief introduction (in which you make your core claim or put forth some kind of contention or thesis); discussion of evidence (argument); and conclusion.

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