Topic: Schizophrenia in the movie Brain scan.


This multidimensional exercise involves viewing a film and noting fundamentals of mental illness, and/or substance use disorder. Sometimes there will be overlap of the conditions. Note the systemic effects or effects on other elements in the subject’s life. What are the common rudiments throughout the entire film? What is/are the diagnosis(es) of the main character? Is the diagnosis portrayed accurately in the movie? This will require use of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual V within the Digital Library of Stark State College.
Your paper should be five pages written APA style. You need to include a title page and a reference page along with the main body of five written pages containing a minimum of 2,250 words. The five pages does not include the title page and reference page. Your paper must be double-spaced, in Times-New Roman 12-point font.
In addition to watching the movie, you will need to research the diagnosis portrayed in the movie. Your research should include four sources of which two must be professional journal articles. Your paper should include the criteria for diagnosis and what treatment options are typically used, along with answering the questions in the first paragraph above.

Type of service:Academic paper writing
Type of assignment:Research Paper
Pages / words:8 / 2200
Number of sources;5
Academic level:High School
Paper format:APA
Line spacing:Double
Language style:US English

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