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Choose a Household product from the us that you can sale and market in a different country. I suggest Window screens in any European country since they have them.

Imagine that you are with the international sales department of the company that manufactures and sells the item (or service) that you are proposing to make or introduce in the country you have selected.

Write a 3-5 page report that describes the product or service you plan to market abroad; briefly describes the country you have selected, indicates the types of people who would find the product or service attractive, explains how the product or service would be transported or introduced into the country (or possibly manufactured if materials and labor are readily available in the host country), recommends a location for a regional sales center, and suggests how the product or service should be sold. Your report is to be submitted to the chief operating officer of the company, whose name you can either make up or find in a corporate directory. The report should include your conclusions (how the product or service will do in this new environment) and your recommendations for marketing (steps the company should take immediately and those it should develop later). You are highly encouraged to include financials and/or an action plan.

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