Topic: Service Concept-Customer Segmentation and Customer Expectations


For a USA native writer: complete a synthesis of relevant literature that has been published in the last five years. The final paper will contain 25 to 30 academic references, in addition to at least 5 industry publication references (to be included in the final section; see below). This will ensure that you relate advanced academic research to applicable situations that have been discussed in industry news or popular press articles.
Using this requirement as a foundation for your project, your report should include the following, along with any supporting information:
Introduction: You are required to present a basic overview of the topic as seen through an industry lens. While no references are needed for this section, you are to explain the concept you are investigating as though the reader may not be aware of the topic, what it covers, or most importantly, why a deeper understanding of the subject is needed and how this deeper knowledge would be useful to the reader and industry in general. [500 to 600 words; 2 pages]
Literature Understanding
a. Article Collection: You are required to overview the process that was used to identify and collect relevant literature associated with your topic. Specific emphasis should be placed on how you determined the appropriate search terms, how these terms changed as you continued through the process, and how you selected the articles for analysis. Of importance is clearly identifying how you moved beyond personal opinions of appropriate search terms and how you selected the most relevant articles. [500 to 600 words; 2 pages]
b. Article Analysis Methodology: You are required to analyze each of your identified articles using a rigorous methodology to understand the range and scope of content within each article. Within the report, you will need to explain the article analysis template you selected and how it allowed you to analyze the required areas of emphasis. These areas of emphasis include the following aspects of each article: paragraph summary of the article, key literature presented, methodology used, key results, potential application to industry, and a review of important models or illustrations. [250 to 300 words; 1 page] Note: You will need to apply the included article analysis template (attached) to each article. Each article will need to be analyzed, which means you will include 25 to 30 article summaries as appendices at the conclusion of your paper. Each of these summaries should be no longer than one half page and should be formatted as bullet points, following the template headings. While templates have been provided for your use, feel free to use or modify any available template to meet the needs of this assignment.
Trends: You are required to present the five or so sub-topics identified in your research. Content should focus on presenting a detailed understanding of what we know about each topic, what the collected literature tells us about these sub-topics, and the key results or findings that explain each topic. This section should be detailed and provide doctoral-level insights into each topic, which means specific details, information, statistics, and findings should be prevalent in each topic discussion. [3750 to 6000 words; 15 to 20 pages]
Application: You are required to synthesize the collected information; how do your findings relate to what you know about business or industry, and how can this information now be applied. This section requires you to clearly identify what stands out as unique and important, apply it to current industry topics or trends, and explain how this additional information can help industry be more effective in what they are doing. Be specific and detailed, as this is the most important component here. This section is where the 5 industry references from above will need to be included to demonstrate what industry is currently talking about how it compares to the findings of your research. [1250 to 1500 words; 5 pages]Show attachments

Type of service: Academic Paper Writing
Type of assignment: Research paper
Subject: Marketing
Pages/words: 28/7700
Number of sources: 30
Academic level: Doctoral
Paper format: APA
Line spacing: Double
Language style: US English

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