Topic: sexism in movies coursework assignment


o Need to answer these questions below about two paragrahs in length… sexism in movies

What do you notice about sexism in these areas?

 Why is the oppression of sexism difficult to see in this field?

 What are some examples of oppressive sexism in this field?

 What might be some ways to combat sexism in this field?

• In a second paragraph, discuss gender equity in the classroom.

o Do you agree with the article?

o Why do you think these stereotypes/biases exist? Are most people aware of them?

o Have you experienced (or witnessed) this as an educator or student?

o How do you think this affects students, education and our society?

o How can we as educators increase gender equity for all students in education?

o You are encouraged to make connections to the reading and course material from this module throughout the post.

Please include at least one citation using APA. Sensoy and DiAngelo is every one equal? P11/112

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