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Lean Start-Up Business Plan Components.   

1.  Introduction to the Lean Start-Up. (250 words).

2. Business Objectives.  Profit, sales revenue and profit margin objectives for the first three years of operation (250 words).  

3. Customer Value Proposition Canvas (Diagram).

Individual student explanation, extensions and details as per the taught syllabus. (500 words)

Text Box:  4. ‘Lean’ Business Model Canvas (Diagram)

Individual student explanation, extensions and details as decided by the individual student) (500 words)

5. Detailed Development Plan (1000 words) with references to Appendix I

The Marketing Plan (250 words)

The Operational Plan (250 words)

The Technical Solution and Information Technology Plan (250 words)

The Human Resources and Organisation Plan (250 words)

The Financial Plan (covered in Appendix II)

6. Possible future developments or changes in direction (e.g. Pivots see Ries Chapter 8). (250 words)

7. Summary: Why should someone provide finance to this Lean Start-Up (250 words)

The plan must include two appendices: (not included in the word count).

Appendix I) Primary and Secondary Market Research

Supporting data regarding market size, market growth, customer preferences, segments, competitors, key partners, channels, technologies, job descriptions and labour market information, etc.)

Appendix II) The Financial Plan (Word Tables or Spreadsheets)

Cost Structure, Revenue Streams, Break Even Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Sources of Finance (Loans, Shares), Uses of Finance 

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