Topic: Short Story Reading


Use the link below to analyze one of the short stories. In your interpretation, be sure to consider literary elements such as character, symbolism, setting and theme.

Your essay must have a thesis statement that includes your overall interpretation, along with several examples from the story (in the form of direct quotations, paraphrases and summaries from the story) along with secondary research to support your ideas.

Click on the link below to explore possible short stories for your final essay. If you are unsure about which story to choose, you can also browse the selections by theme/topic.

It should include a title that reflects the focus of your essay. This title should not simply repeat the title of one or more of our readings. It should be centered and follow the heading.
5. It should include at least 3-5 outside secondary sources. The primary source will be either the short story or dream you have chosen to interpret and does not count as one of your researched sources. If you have chosen to interpret a dream, type out the basic narrative of the dream from your journal and include this along with your paper.

Find at least a minimum of three researched sources (about the author, story, historical context, literary criticism, dream symbolism etc.). You are required to include a minimum of three sources in addition to your primary source.

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