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Slam Poetry
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Please watch all slam poems posted [The Slam]. As you watch, think about how spoken poetry is different from written poetry. What do you connect with? What do you reject or find difficult?

Once you have watched all poems, please complete the following:

Initial Post:

Please pick one of the slam poems to work with. [This time you have free reign – whichever poem you connected with most strongly is fine.] Then, submit a post that includes the following:

Give us the title and author of the poem you chose to work with.
In 1-2 sentences give us your interpretation of the poem. What issue do you think the author is trying to highlight and how do you know?
What is the tone or emotion this poem uses? [Note: There may be more than one!] Where/how do you see this tone illustrated? [Give a specific example.]
How did you react to this poem? How did it make you feel as you listened? Explain why.
Response Post:

Please read through at least three [3] of your peers’ posts. Then, choose two [2] posts which respond to a different poem than the one you wrote on and start a conversation.

As in the previous discussion, please do not respond with: “Wow! I totally agree :)” Start a conversation. Ask some questions. Agree and add your own insight. Respectfully disagree and present your own interpretation. Give suggestions for further evidence or conflicting evidence. Think critically and deeply. You will be graded both on your post and on your thoughtful, active comments to your partners.

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