Topic: Social Factors in Health and Social Care nursing research paper


You are required to write an academic REPORT which investigates the key social issues that influence health and social care. Your report should focus on the delivery of pro-active care to vulnerable adults with particular reference to the care of dementia patients.

You must ensure that you include the following in your report, all of which need to be in context of the delivery of pro-active care to vulnerable adults with particular reference to the care of dementia patients:
• Describe and discuss of the role of social motivational factors in health and ill health.
• Discuss the role of social support networks.
• Explain how a lack of support networks impacts on health.
Conclusions and recommendations must stem from your findings

Relevant theory must be referenced where appropriate and you must provide a references list.

The report should be a maximum of 1,500 words in length.

This report must be structured as below;
Reports are formal documents that need to be written in a concise and organised manner. Reports are written using headings, sub-headings and sections that are easy to follow and tend to be numbered. The content of each section is written in short paragraphs and where appropriate bullet points and lists can be used.

You must use subheadings from the assignment question.

Title page (not included in the word limit)
Subject or title of report, your name, submission date etc.

Terms of Reference
Purpose, scope, possible limitations, what the report is about, include the research question if one is given in the assignment brief.

Contents page (not included in the word limit)
You should always complete this last so that you don’t need to keep changing headings or page numbers.

Research Methodology
An explanation of how you carried out your research in order to complete the assignment; include any reading you carried out and the main information sources you used; include how you carried out any original research such as surveys, questionnaires, interviews etc. (primary research); include how you carried out any analysis of data (secondary research).

Analysis of facts, opinions and research outcomes structured logically into sections with sub-headings. Key themes, links, commonalities and differences should be identified and begin to form analytical argument and/or counterargument.

A summary of the key points from your findings. Include any conclusions you have formed and any important analytical arguments and counterarguments.

These need to link to your conclusions. Include any recommendations you can make for future actions, improvements or further research. You should also refer back to any limitations outlined in your Terms of Reference and what recommendations you can make as a result.

References list (not included in the word limit)

Bibliography (not included in the word limit)

Appendices (not included in the word limit)

All supporting/supplementary evidence such as graphs, charts, tables, transcripts of interviews, survey/interview questions, detailed analysis etc. Each Appendix must be numbered and cross referenced within the text, for example, by inserting “(see Appendix 1)” where appropriate.

Type of service-Academic paper writing
Type of assignment-Research Paper
Pages / words-6 / 1500
Academic level-GCSE / A Level
Paper format-Harvard
Line spacing-Double
Language style
UK English

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