Topic: Social Impact Bond Finance essay

Overall structure of the main question
• Introduction
• Theory of Change
• The actions of the SIB
• Measurement of Impact, outputs and outcomes
• Monetisation of outcomes
• SROI Calculation
• SIB Mechanics and payout
• Risks and weaknesses
• First thing: better to write the introduction after you have completed
everything else.
• Briefly describe the SIB and how it help in solving the problem.
Theory of Change
• State your underlying assumptions (what environmental conditions
need to exist for the SIB to be successful)
• Break down the theory of change to
• current conditions,
• strategy (comes typically from the organisation’s objectives)
• Actions
• Impact (if relevant, break down to short-, mid- and long-term)
The actions of the SIB
• Describe what actions the SIB will follow
• Explain how these actions will contribute to solving the problem
Measurement of Impact, outputs and
• Identify what stakeholders are involved(e.g. national government,
local government, health services, police, NGOs, volunteers)
• What resources each stakeholder is expected to provide
• What are the monetary requirements of each stakeholders
• For each of the actions of the SIB, identify the beneficiaries among
the stakeholders
• Deduct deadweight, displacement and pay attention to attribution
Monetisation of outcomes
• Calculate the monetary value of inputs and outputs (maybe better to
put in appendix)
SROI Calculation
• Aggregate the monetary inputs and benefits of all stakeholder and
• Identify when the impact will be realised and calculate the present
SIB Mechanics and payout
• Describe how the relevant beneficiaries will receive/pay funds.
• Describe the bond: how many units will be sold, what is the face
• Describe the payout conditions: give details about what conditions
need to be met so that the bond-based funds will be paid out to
Risks and weaknesses
• Identify and describe the weaknesses and risks associated with the
bond. Detail what elements are related to these risks (e.g.
measurement, securitisation, trading).

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