Topic: Social media use in teenagers Psychology Research Paper

Your assessment has two parts:

Lab Report/Journal Article: 2000 words

Response to Reviewers: 500 words

For your assessment you should:

1) Choose one of the provided topic areas; look at the questionnaire for your topic; begin brief literature review

2 ) Mind map, outline the design and explain the rationale of the methodological approach chosen for your research.

3) Analyse the data and draw conclusions.

4) Discuss the results clearly and concisely in light of previous research and provide suggestions for future research, again based on previous research.

5) Write up the research appropriately as would be expected by an APA journal.

6) Respond to the reviewer’s comments as would be expected in a journal article review process.

All the above should be done in light of appropriate ethical conduct and this should be reflected in the appropriate section of the workbook.

How do I get my data?

We will be providing real publically-available quantitative data from one of 4 topic areas. The areas are:

Social media use in teenagers
Social media use and attitudes on trust/privacy
Attitudes to work, job satisfaction and stress
Well-being and trust in society

Each of these data sets has many different variables that will allow you to answer a specific research idea that you are interested in. You are advised to look through the questionnaires for each of the topic areas and think about a research question you are interested in. There are also 3 example projects available on Moodle to guide you through some potential ideas. Your final research idea will have to be something within Psychology, testable using the variables in the existing data sets, and that can be analysed using a form of correlation, t-test or ANOVA.

You will then analyse this for your lab report as if you had collected it yourself.

The data is provided to you due to the time constraints within the module. This allows you to develop design skills, analytical skills and demonstrate your ethics knowledge. It also prepares you for your dissertation project.

Data will be provided to you as a raw data file on moodle. It may need converting and importing into SPSS. You may need to total or average scores for your analysis. You may need to consider whether there are any outliers in your data and check for normality.

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Type Of Assignment: Research Paper
Subject: Psychology
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Academic Level : Master’s
Paper Format : APA
Line spacing : Double
Language Style : UK English

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