Topic: Social reaction Criminal Justice Coursework


This module will be assessed on the basis of one 1500-word assignment. The coursework must be handed in by 4pm Tues 16/08/21. This piece of coursework constitutes 100% of the module assessment.

The coursework task:

Critically evaluate ONE of the criminological perspectives you have studied this term. Your evaluation should address to what extent and in what ways your chosen criminological perspective has understood each of the following issues. Be aware that not all criminological perspectives deal with each issue to the same extent.

1. Criminal offenders

2. Victims of crime

3. Crime control

(The criminological perspective I chosen is Social reaction/labelling theory)

Marks will be awarded for evidence a) relevant reading, b) critical understanding of the perspective you have chosen c) evaluation of strength and weaknesses of the perspective, for example through comparison with other perspectives and d) effective illustration through relevant examples.

In writing your essay:

· Support your arguments with relevant examples;

· Avoid being overly descriptive – e.g. do not just describe a theory – explain why it is relevant or important. You will gain marks for analysis and evaluation, not description;

· Always reference your sources and provide a full reference list of sources used

· Keep within the word limit – it is designed to get you to think carefully about how to organise and illustrate your answer. Assignments more than 10% over the word limit will be subject to penalties.

· Be aware: there is zero tolerance on plagiarism on this module.

(Harvard referencing guide;

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